It is our pleasure to inform You that the Proceedings of Symposium for PhD Students at 7th International Congress of Hungarian Studies were published by International Association for Hungarian Studies.

Please find and share the online version of the book here – download and spread this publication:

For their help in the realization of the symposium, we are thankful to all members of the Hungarian Studies Congress Organizing Committee, especially Ferenc Pozsony, Árpád Töhötöm Szabó and their colleagues at the Babeş-Bolyai University. For their support during the preparation of the symposium and the publication of this proceedings, we are thankful for the Directory Board and colleagues of the International Association for Hungarian Studies, especially Tuomo Lahdelma, István Monok, Sándor Bene, István Dobos, Judit Nyerges, Ildikó Detre and Krisztina Karizs, teaching assistant and Attila Gyula Kiss, doctoral
student at the Hungarian Studies Program at the University of Jyväskylä.

The International Association for Hungarian Studies’ Doctoral Symposium-series will continue in 2013 August. The venue will be the Eötvös University, Budapest. All doctoral students interested in Hungarian culture, humanities and sciences are warmly welcome there! Please follow up our webpage for information and sign up to the Newsletter.