The proceedings of symposium for phd students at 7th International Congress of Hungarian Studies were published

It is our pleasure to inform You that the Proceedings of Symposium for PhD Students at 7th International Congress of Hungarian Studies were published by International Association for Hungarian Studies.

Please find and share the online version of the book here – download and spread this publication:

Now available from Contra Mundum Press: Miklós Szentkuthy’s MARGINALIA ON CASANOVA

Marginalia on Casanova is the first book of the epic ten volume St.
Orpheus Breviary which, as Csaba Sík noted, “represents the greatest
enterprise in scope, in worth? – undertaken in the Hungarian novel.”
As Szentkuthy’s Virgil, St. Orpheus is an omniscient poet who guides
us not through hell, but through all of recorded history, myth,
religion, and literature, albeit reimagined as St. Orpheus
metamorphosizes himself into kings, popes, saints, tyrants, and

At once pagan and Christian, Greek and Hebrew, Asian and European, St.
Orpheus is a mosaic of history and mankind in one supra-person and
veil, an endless series of masks and personae, humanity in its
protean, futural shape, an always changing function of discourse,
text, myth, and mentalité.

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